Hyun Jin Ryu can select 8 clubs to use no-trade protection
Hyun Jin Ryu can select 8 clubs to use no-trade protection
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[STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee EDITOR]

The contract between Hyun Jin Ryu and Toronto Blue Jays has been opened to the public.

The Associated Press(AP) announced that the Toronto club cannot trade with the 8 clubs that Hyun Jin Ryu chooses. 

Hyun Jin Ryu agreed to a four-year, $80 million deal with the Toronto Blue Jays on December 23rd. He later participated in the open press conference held at the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, to officially sign the contract. 

According to several media sources by the United States, the contract was known to include a full no-trade clause. However, the Associated Press reported that Hyun Jin Ryu has a partial right to refuse 8 clubs that he selects, which are yet unknown. 

The Associated Press has also exposed the options of Shun Yamaguchi, who negotiated through the posting system, and Travis Shaw, the free-agent infielder. 

In addition to a guaranteed $6.3 million for two years, Yamaguchi’s deal could reach $9.1 million if he pitches at least 170 innings per season. Yamaguchi will earn bonuses per innings, and the amount of bonus will increase as well. The contract also enables Yamaguchi to refuse trades from the minor league. 

Travis Shaw, an infielder who signed a one-year deal worth $4 million, will receive incentives based on the number of plate appearances, which allows him to earn an additional $570 thousand. 




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