Ki Sung-Yeong Struggling with his Penalty Fee
Ki Sung-Yeong Struggling with his Penalty Fee
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기성용은 최근 유럽 생활을 청산하고 K리그 복귀를 타진하고 있다. 2018 러시아월드컵에 출전한 기성용이 멕시코전에서 슈팅을 때리는 모습.
Ki Sung Yeung


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Ki Sung-yueng is struggling with a penalty fee in order to return to K-League. 

Ki, who played for Newcastle United, recently terminated a mutual contract. He later searched for China and the Middle East for the next team, but he prefers a return to the K-League.

With his willingness to play in the K-League, Ki contacted Jeonbuk to suggest his transfer. Ki's transfer has taken a sudden turn as soon as he reached out to Jeonbuk. The progress was abrupt because transfer fee does not occur due to his status as a FA. However, if Ki returns to the K-League, he should solve the problem of FC Seoul and its penalty fees.

When Ki left Seoul and moved to Celtic F.C., the contract included a clause that he needs to pay the penalty in order to join other teams in K-league. 

"It is true that Ki Sung-yeung first proposed a deal to us", said the  Jeonbuk on the phone with STN Sports.

"We know that there will be a penalty if Ki moves to a team other than Seoul when he returns to the K-League. We know that the penalty fee is high-priced. If that part cannot be resolved, it is also difficult for Jeonbuk to take the offer" he said.

He added, "We are currently a bit far from the decision of taking him. We have to wait and figure out the situation." He clarified that nothing is certainly decided yet.



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