MAMAMOO will release its 'Special Single' on September 10th
MAMAMOO will release its 'Special Single' on September 10th
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The group MAMAMOO will release a special single.

The agency RBW announced that "MAMAMOO will release its special single 'WANNA BE MYSELF' on the 10th, and this single is a surprise gift for our fans with the music of MAMAMOO's entire group for the first time this year." Also added that "It is a song that contains MAMAMOO's uniqueness and charms."

This is the first time in 10 months for Mamamoo to release a new song since its second full-length album "Reality in BLACK", which was released last November. MAMAMOO has focused on solo activities, starting with Moon Byul, Solar, and Hwasa. Fans are paying attention to the surprise announcement of a new song with all the members of MAMAMOO.

Based on its outstanding singing and performance, MAMAMOO has produced numerous hits since its debut, including "You're the Best," "Decalcomanie," "Yes I am," "Starry Night," "Egotistic," "Wind Flower," "Gogobebe," and "Hip."

Mamamoo will show with its special single "WANNA BE MYSELF" on September 10th.


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