BTS Dynamite maintains on the top ranking of Billboard Hot 100
BTS Dynamite maintains on the top ranking of Billboard Hot 100
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The group BTS "Dynamite" maintained second place on Billboard's main single chart "Hot 100" in the fourth week of its release.

Billboard announced the latest "Hot 100" chart on its website on the 21st and announced that BTS's "Dynamite" ranked second.

According to Billboard, "Dynamite" recorded 78,000 downloads which is 43% decrease from last week, and 12.6 million streaming after 6% decrease. There was 6 % increase in radio section compared to previous week which is 19.1 million.

"Dynamite," which was released on the 21st of last month, debuted as No. 1 in "Hot 100" in the first week of its release, maintained its position in the second week, and went down a bit in the third week, but still remained at the top of the list on the second place. It is also ranking on the second place in the fourth week.

Earlier, BTS made a new history as the first Korean singer to reach the top of "Hot 100" and also the Billboard's main album chart, "Billboard 200." Also, "Dynamite" became the 20th song to reach the top for two consecutive weeks out of 43 songs that immediately topped the "Hot 100" chart.

Disco Pop's "Dynamite" is a song that includes BTS's desire to spread a message of vitality and hope in times of hardship due to COVID-19, and BTS has taken on a new challenge to sing in English for the first time since its debut.

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